How do I know if I have a broken speaker?

How do I know if I have a broken speaker?

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How do I know if I have a broken speaker?

Yesterday I turned my amp up about 2/3 of max volume and whenever I held a chord I'd heard like.. thumps.. rattles.. however, these rattels, or sputters, more appropriately, sounded like they were projecting out of the speaker rather than being a rattly cabinet. Then I turned the amp back down and it was fine, but I did question that and figured I'd have it looked at later this week when I was planning on going back anyway.

So a few minutes ago, I fire up the amp, and this time the volume was about 1/3 of max and this thump/sputter type sound was even more frequent.

Could this be a tear in the speaker cone growing every time I play? I'd just like to know, I'm having the amp worked on more tomorrow or friday, but I'm just curious what this problem is. We already resoldered all of the bad wires and replaced a bunch of the caps, if that helps you try to solve this.

I'm lucky I have someone who knows a lot about amps who is willing to work on it for the fun of it.
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The other way to do that is to check out the problem with the fuse.

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