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[Filter: Positive Posts] coodingdessign's post body matched "like", board "coder_ideas".

[Filter: Positive Posts] coodingdessign's post body matched "like", board "coder_ideas".

Post Subject: Top 5 Best Web Development Blogs You Should be Reading in 2023

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Web Development You have to face the fact that there are different websites for learning all over the internet and a large number of people use them for different purposes. It doesn’t matter, whether you’re a developer new to the world of web development or have been in the field for years, there’s always something new to learn in the industry.

New libraries, technologies and techniques are constantly evolving. If you want to keep up to date with all these changes, you should participate in communities, groups and conferences dedicated to web development. Also, a good way to keep up to date is to understand how web development works by reading well-known quality blogs.

If you are interested in web development and want to find the best blogs in this field, you will probably find it here.

In this article, I have included the 5 best blogs to read for web development:

  • Jake Archibald
  • Cooding Dessign
  • Ben Nadel
  • David Walsh
  • Brad Frost

#1 Jake Archibald
Jake Archibald is a developer lawyer at Google. He regularly provides excellent web development blogs such as HTML, CSS and many other related and relevant web development topics. Developers who want to learn more about web development and advance their careers will definitely find great content here. Definitely a blog site to follow.

View Website –> https://jakearchibald.com/

#2 Cooding Dessign
Cooding Dessign is a great blog created by group of developers in 2019. It provides great insight into software development (not just web development). You’ll get lots of helpful tips and resources from Jeff sharing his experiences. He mentioned that he used to write to keep up with software development over time. He researches things he finds interesting, then documents my research in a public blog post that he can easily find and link to later. Cooding dessign is featured in top 100 webdevelopment blogs on feedspot.

View Website –> https://www.coodingdessign.com

#3 Ben Nadel
These blogs are also known as The Kinky Solutions blogs for experimentation and community interaction. With each release, they try to provide in-depth knowledge about web development. He believes that developing his skills as a developer not only takes time and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, but also requires the support of others. Because of this, their blogs are more like a Q&A section. He publishes several blog posts every week on various aspects of web application development, including ColdFusion , JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

View Website –> https://www.bennadel.com/index.cfm

#4 David Walsh
If you are an expert in the field of software development, you will certainly come across David Walsh’s blog. Find helpful articles on CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and more. Focused on open source contributions and Evangelism because it believes it opens up a world of opportunity and reward for its diligent developers. David is also the founder of Wynq Web Labs and script and style .

View Website –> https://davidwalsh.name/

#5 Brad Frost
Brad Frost’s blogs are more like web design content than a web development blog. However, it also has some really useful blogs in the dev space. Whether it’s a useful HTML blog or a new web design. You will definitely get inspirational content. It also offers workshops, training, consulting, front-end designs, web design advice, and collaborating with others to create web design tools and resources. Especially for frontend developers, this blog page is definitely a great resource to keep up to date.

View Website –> https://bradfrost.com/blog/

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