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[Filter:Positive Posts] ringer's post body matched "\blike\b", board "headphones".

[Filter:Positive Posts] ringer's post body matched "\blike\b", board "headphones".

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Let me start off first with some background. I have a moderate 1k range ACME Home Theater Receiver with an Orb Audio speaker system in my theater room. This replaced a previous Pioneer home audio system I had for many years before. I do not consider myself an audiophile. I have damage in my left ear from when I was in the US Army and probably only have about 40% hearing in that ear. Overall, I'm unable to tolerate loud music or noises, especially musical distortion, as it causes pain in both ears. As such, clarity in music is exceptionally important to me, because I have to listen to music at lower volumes. This is my first set of "high end" buds/earphone set so I'm unable to offer comparison to anything other than the average low end buds/earphones. What I can say, with absolute certainty (now) is, there IS a difference. I'm a computer programmer with a software business and spend what seems like 12-14 hours a day behind the screen. I have a very diverse music collection, ranging from Motown, to 70s/80s rock, Country, New Age, Classical and just about anything in between. First Impression: I'm simply blown away by the ACME X10 buds. I had high expectations. After all, if I'm going to spend this kind of money, I want my money's worth and in this aspect, I believe I came out the clear winner! My wife thought I was nuts for paying this much for a set of ear buds. You know that look, guys! Then I let her try them on. Her reaction? "Wow....wow! I want a set too!" The Pros: 1) The buds fit perfectly, right out of the box. They came with an assortment of earphone cups, which I have no reason to explore. They insert, as if they were supposed to be there. Very, very comfortable. 2) They are much smaller than I anticipated. I had been using "every day" Sony headphones and sometimes used the stock buds that came with my iPhone, however, I never liked the ones that came with the iPhone. 3) The clarity. Other than fit, the clarity was the most important thing I was looking for, and the ACME X10s deliver impeccable clarity. I hear music like never before. 4) My first selections for music were: "Until the last moment," by Yanni. A truly amazing song, if you haven't heard it, check it out in Amazon's MP3 Downloads area. The piano was remarkably clear, with every note being picked up. The strings, that accompany this selection, "wave" in and out and can be heard with exceptional clarity. The next song I selected, was Fanfare for the common man, by the US Navy (again, checkout the Amazon MP3 Downloads for this amazing rendition). The deep drums in this classic selection would be a true testament for these buds, and they delivered. Deep bass, again with exceptional clarity. The trumpets and french horn are nothing short of amazing in the full, rich clarity. Up next was "We all die young" by Steelheart A classic rock ballad, by Michael Matijevic, who has the most incredible wide ranging vocals you may ever hear. The song was featured in the movie "Rock Star." The vocals were clear, crisp and easily discernible. The song is not heavy in bass, but rather mid-range drums, electric guitar and wow, just wow, the amazing vocals! Finally, the last song I reviewed was "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. I listened to the Live PBS version. This was a tough song to listen to and review. Stevie's vocals are so soothing and clear in this selection, however what I really noticed was the intricate details in the picking of the guitar by Lindsey Buckingham. It was amazing to hear such detail in the electric acoustic guitar. It's as if you were there, in the concert. The Cons: If I were a selective audiophile, I could probably drum something up. As it is, I'm just the average Joe America who really likes music, appreciates clarity in a wide range of music and in this respect, I could not fault these if I tried. Fit and clarity at low volume levels were my most important criteria and in this respect, the X10s delivered beyond expectation. If that description fits you, there's no question you will be pleasantly surprised with the ACME HIFI X10s.

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