Sound Bar with amp?

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Sound Bar with amp?

I want to keep my home theater simple, so I'm opting for a sound bar rather than surround sound. I thought I had all the questions answered but I'm stumped on whether I want a sound bar with a built-in amp.

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Re: Sound Bar with amp?

Most models have built-in amplification. As a result, they don't require a separate home theater receiver -- you just connect your audio components, and you're all set.

Some virtual surround and Left-Right-Center sound bars don't have built-in amplification. You need to connect these passive models to a separate home theater receiver.

Passive sound bars are a good option if you already have a home theater receiver you'd like to use. Plus, a separate receiver can provide cleaner power and more sophisticated audio processing, so you might enjoy higher-quality sound.

So like every other question, the answer is it all depends.