Universal remote not working with Blue Ray

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Universal remote not working with Blue Ray

I have the Harphonie universal remote and I'm trying to get it to work with my Comcast DVR, Panasonic H432 DVD, LG BD630 BlueRay and my Panasonic PN51DN450 51" plasma TV. It all worked great and has for the past 3 months, but when I added the BlueRay, everything went bonkers! Has anyone seen the BlueRay cause this kind of problem with the universal remote? I'm usually pretty good at figuring these things out.

I bought all of my components through ACME HiFi (except the DVR).


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Re: Universal remote not working with Blue Ray

Hi Cojourn,

Based on your serial number, we were able to determine that your BlueRay is one of the small percentage that requires a special patch that you can do by rearranging the pins in the back of the box. I've attached simple instructions here so that you can fix it yourself, but feel free to contact us if it's not crystal  clear.