Exploring Features: TKB, Twitter, Studio, Private Community Areas

Exploring Features: TKB, Twitter, Studio, Private Community Areas



  • Navigate to a knowledge base article. (You can get there in various ways; this is just one path)
  • Click the Knowledge base graphic from the top, blue banner. This takes you to the top page of the community knowledge base. You can see all of the top article contributors across the top. These members may have created, edited, or commented on articles.
  • There are many ways to filter the articles shown here using the options on the left. Try a couple: filter by “audio,” and then again by “sound bar.” Clear your filters.
  • Navigate to a category using the navigation in the top left. Click “Hi Fi Products.”
  • You’ll see a “Featured article” called “Grado headphones community review.”  It includes a video, which you can play from the featured article area.
  • Click on the featured article title to see the full article.
  • At the top of the article is a promotional image.
  • You see the article contributors down the right side of the article.
  • Depending on how you’re logged in, you may be able to EDIT the article. You may also be able to tweet this article out of the community.
  • There are also Article options that you may wish to review.
  • Go back to the Hi Fi Products Knowledge base: click on the breadcrumb at the top: HiFi > HiFi Knowledge Base > Hi-Fi Products Knowledge Base.
  • In the navigation area in the upper left part of the page, you can click on any of the other areas of the knowledge base.  The Home theater area has several articles.


  • Another way to get to articles quickly is to use the “Recent Knowledge Base Articles” component on the front page. You can click “View All” from that component to go to the community knowledge base page.
  • You can also enter a search from the community home page (try “sound bar” or “headphones”) and you’ll see different types of content returned: articles, threads, and more.

Creating a Knowledge Base Article

There are a couple topics in the Headphones and Portable audio that lend themselves well to creating a knowledge base article from them.

  • Go to the Headphones and Portable audio forum and find the topic called “shure or bose for in-ear monitors?”
  • Choose Topic Options > Start Article. This topic makes for a nice article since it’s got a question and answer with an interesting image and a further elaboration with a video. It also shows how three contributors get credit right from the get-go.
  • You might want to change the title of the KB article to “Selecting the best in-ear monitors” or something more authoritative.
  • Save and Publish the article and view it as a user would

Reviewing the Knowledge Base Dashboard

  • To get to the Knowledge base dashboard, click the Knowledge base graphic from the top, blue banner.
  • Then click on Community Options and then Knowledge Base Dashboard. You’ll see articles in various states here: Nominated, Approved, Drafts, and Unpublished revisions.
  • To see the history of a published article, go to the Unpublished revisions tab and click on “Are sound bars a sound investment?”
  • Then click History.  There’s a note that you can hover over for revision3.  You might want to edit, make changes and publish.
  • If you really want to get fancy, you can see how various users with different roles can participate in some or all of the article process. Log in as these users to see the scopes of the dashboard that each can see. (Behind the scenes, there are 3 roles in the community: TKB Author, TKB Editor and TKB Publisher.  Pan and Perseus can create articles. Mells can edit articles.  HiFi_Callie and HiFi_Sid can publish articles in addition to those people with “admin” rights. (Note: all users listed here have a password of lithium)



In this community, anyone can create a Twitter badge.  Only HiFi employees (HiFi_Callie, Hifi_Sid, Hifi_Josh) can view Twitter streams.  Finally, only Administrators can tweet out or use the corporate account to tweet

Viewing Twitter Streams

  • You must be logged in as a HiFi employee or someone with admin rights to see the Twitter streams. 
  • Go to any Forum page. 
  • Click Community Forums from the top banner. 
  • Then click on any of the forums.  You should see the twitter feed down the right side of the page.
  • To view the keywords that are defining the feed for this forum, choose Board Options > Board Admin >    Twitter settings.  You’ll see what’s defined for the “Default Twitter stream search field.

Twitter Badge and Twitter Settings for a user

  • To view the badge feature, go to the My Settings area of the community (top right), and choose the Twitter tab.  You can define your badge from here. 
  • To link your community account to Twitter, click Twitter Settings and enter your Twitter credentials.



Example: Developer sub community (skinned, with code fragments)

  • To see the private developer areas, you must be logged in as an admin or as the user “Dentea” (pwd – lithium).
  • You’ll see the “Developers Only” category in the Community Browser component. 
  • Click on it and you’ll see a completely differently branded “site.” This was just done by applying a skin to this category and adding a little.
  • Go to the forum and click on the Macbuild thread.  It has an example of the embedded code feature in the rich text editor.





We’re sorry, but this feature has been disabled for general use.  A Lithium representative would be happy to provide a demonstration or access to the online training for this UI customization feature.  Just let us know if you're interested by sending mail to education@lithium.com.


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