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Following best practices, this community rewards users for various types of participation, from simply coming to the community, to tagging, to asking questions and answering them. Higher ranks recognize members that other members have given kudos to or who have posts marked as solutions. Finally, there are some assigned ranks for Hi-Fi employees, Admin, Moderator and VIP. Here are some ranks worth noting:

(Note: all users listed here have a password of lithium)

Hi-Fi Employee
•    Users who are assigned to the HiFi_Employee role get this rank
•    Users with this rank are: HiFi_Callie, HiFi_Josh, and HiFi_Sid
•    Rank displays a 20x20 speaker icon to the left of the login name

Trusted Contributor (normally earned)
•    Users that reach this rank earn the TKB Author role
•    Users with this rank are the community superusers: Pan, Perseus
•    Rank displays an icon to the left of the login name

•    Users who are assigned to the VIP role get this rank
•    Rank displays star icon to the left of the login name
•    User with this rank: Crew

Here's a picture of the rank structure: ... simple!!


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