Sample Users / Passwords in this Sandbox Community

Sample Users / Passwords in this Sandbox Community


Who are users that we can use to log into this community?  ... and as various roles, so we can see how features are availalbe or unavailable?


Sample Users in this Community

Note that the password for each of the users listed below is lithium

•    Pan
•    Perseus
•    They can participate in TKB authoring and editing. They also have a special rank icon.

Hi-Fi Employees
•    HiFi_Callie
•    HiFi_Josh
•    HiFi_Sid
•    They can see the Twitter stream
•    They can also participate in various TKB tasks

Regular Community members
•    Will, Ants, Glow, Lite


Blog author: Ely


Developer (can see the private "Developer sub community" which is branded very specially.

•    Dentea

Admin-lite (has grant for all permissions except Tweet out with corporate account and Access Studio): Gog

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